2011 Conference Papers

2005 Surface Friction Conference

3rd International Road Surface Friction Conference
Gold Coast, Queensland - 15 - 18 May 2011

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Sunday 15 May 2011

Official Delegate Welcome - Peter Damen, General Manager, Research and Consulting, ARRB Group
Trade Exhibition Opening - John Gardiner, Chairman WDM Ltd

Monday 16 May 2011

Official Welcome and chair- Gerard Waldron, Managing Director, ARRB Group
Keynote addresses:

  1. Rob Klein, Chief Operations Director, GHVI/ FIA - A decade of road safety (2010 - 2020) - See Presentations
  2. Superintendent Paula Rose, National Road Police Manager, NZ Police - Skidding related crashes and issues - real life stories and value of partnerships
  3. Paul Hillier, National Technical Leader - Incident Investigations and Strategic Reviews, ARRB Group - Looking back to the 2008 conference - a reminder of the identified objectives and expectations for the 2011 conference - See Presentations

Mount Cotton OH&S; Briefing - an overview of what to expect at the Mount Cotton test track day and occupational health and safety requirements. - See Presentations


Skid resistance strategy and objectives
(MacArthur's Ballroom) Session chair: Peter Damen, ARRB Group

An evaluation of NZ's state highway skid
resistance policy Presented by: David Cook
New Zealand
Transport Agency, NZ
A revised skid resistance standard for the UK
truck roads Presented by: John Donbavand
Highways Agency, UK
WDM Limited, UK
Do we need to monitor friction in summertime?
Presented by: Leif Sjogren
The Swedish Road and
Transport Institute,
Data led, experience driven - developing a 'fit
for purpose' skid resistance management
strategy Presented by: Paul Hillier
ARRB Group, Australia
Performance prediction
(Romney room) Session chair: Julie Mitchell, QLD TMR
Comparison of the Wehner-Schulze and PSV
test for estimating the polishing resistance
of New Zealand chip seal aggregates
Presented by: Haran Arampamoorthy
Opus International
Consultants Ltd, NZ
Case study: Ran off road crash variation with
pavement friction Presented by: Gerardo Flintsch
Federal Highway
Administration, USA
Lendis Corporation, USA
The Virginia Polytechnic
Institute and State
University, USA
Research on laboratory simulation test
method for skid resistance performance of
chip seals Presented by: Yuhua Li
Dalian University of
Technology, China
Temperature influence on skid resistance
measurement Presented by: Ed Baran
Queensland Transport and
Main Roads Department

Asset management benefits
(MacArthur's Ballroom) Session chair: Allan Bell, QLD TMR

Long-term study of skid resistance on inservice
roads England Presented by: Chris Kennedy
Highways Agency, UK
Developing an objective measure for flushing
on chip seals Presented: David Whitehead
New Zealand Transport
Agency, NZ
High friction surfacing - improving the life
cycle cost Presented by: Jeff Waters
Fulton Hogan Ltd, NZ
Asset Management and SCRIM: a targeted
approach to the management of skidding
resistance Presented by: John Donbavand
Cornwall County
Council, UK
Measurement, data processing, data analysis
(Romney room) Session chair: David Pratt, RTA NSW
Improved locational accuracy of SCRIM data
using GPS Presented: James Mitchell
WDM Limited, UK
New Zealand Transport
Agency, NZ
Accuracy of pavement texture measurement
Presented by: Darren Holloway
Department for Transport,
Energy and Infrastructure
South Australia, Australia
Using data mining to predict road crash count
with a focus on skid resistance values
Presented by: Daniel Emerson
Queensland University of
Technology, Australia

Asset management processes
(MacArthur's Ballroom) Session chair: Andrew Golding, QLD TMR

Implementing a skidding policy in London
Presented by: Chris Kennedy
WDM Limited, UK
London Borough
of Lambeth, UK
Skid resistance performance profile
Presented by: Dr Noppadol Piyatrapoomi
Queensland Department of
Transport and Main Roads,
Australia AAPA, Australia
Vehicle activated 'slippery road' warning signs
Presented by: Raja Abeysekera
Queensland Department
of Transport and Main
Roads, Australia
A prioritisation scheme for the safety management
of curves Presented by: Peter Cenek
Opus Central
Laboratories, NZ
New Zealand
Transport Agency,
NZ Statistic Research
Associates, NZ MWH
Global, NZ
(Romney room) Session chair: Kym Neaylon, ARRB Group
Development of skid resistant hot asphalt mixtures
by blending aggregates from different sources
Presented by: Shimon Nesichi
Geokom Limited, Israel
INRC - Israel National Roads
Company, Israel
Effect of aggregate arrangement on increasing
frictional resistance through blending stone
materials Presented by: Abouzar Shafiepour
IUST University of Science
and Technology, Iran
Ministry of Road and
Transportation, Iran
P25 specification for high Skid resistant surfaces
Presented by: Joanna Towler
New Zealand Transport
Agency, NZ
Fletcher Corporation
Ltd, NZ

New Zealand Greywacke aggregates and their skid
resistance performance
Presented by: Douglas Wilson

The University of
Auckland, NZ

A decade of action for road safety workshop
(Merino room) Session chair: Rob Klein, GHVI/FIA
- See Presentations


Disaster recovery panel session (including flood, cyclones and
earthquake recovery) (MacArthur's Ballroom)
Session chair: Matthew Lugg, Chair of the UK Roads Board - See Presentations

Panel speakers include:
Mr Shane Doran, Program Director, Transport Network Reconstruction Program, Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads - See Presentations

Mr Alan Beuzenberg, Unit Manager Transport and Greenspace, Christchurch
City Council - See Presentations

Mr Barry Stratton, Senior Asset Manager, North Canterbury, NZ Transport Agency


3rd International Friction Conference
Mount Cotton Test Track Day 3
Tuesday 17th May 2011

Demonstrations at the Mount Cotton track including Incident Investigation, Straight line braking, Truck & Motor cycle braking, mobile test devices and Differential friction.

Wednesday 18 May 2011

Special address: The Honourable Craig Wallace MP, Queensland Minister for Main roads

Keynote addresses:

  1. Rob McInerney, Chief Executive Officer for the International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP) - Road surface condition parameters in iRAP now and in the future - See Presentations
  2. Matthew Lugg, Chair of the UK Roads Board - Local government collaboration - See Presentations
  3. Fabian Marsh, Previous role: National Traffic & Safety Manager, NZTA - A vision for the future /partnerships in NZ (Fabians' current role is Traffic and Safety Specialist, Ashghal Public Works Authority, Qatar

Identifying and meeting friction demand
(MacArthur's Ballroom) Session chair: Mark Owen, NZTA

Applying water blasting treatment policy aimed at
reducing first rain skidding accidents - the Israeli
experience Presented by: Shimon Nesichi
INRC - Israel National
Roads Company Israel
Gritting for improved early life skid resistance
of stone mastic surfaces Presented by: Ed Baran
Queensland Transport
and Main Roads
Department, Australia
A new methodological approach for friction
evaluation of dropped-on products for
road markings Presented by: Marco Pasetto
University of
Padua, Italy
Evaluation methods of road surface performance in
Japan Presented by: Kazuhio Watanabe
Public Works Research
Institute, Japan
Innovative surfacing treatments delivering safer
roads Presented by: Bryan Pidwerbesky
Fulton Hogan Ltd, NZ and
Tyre-road interface and consequences
(Merino room) Session chair: Superintendent Paula Rose, NZ Police
TYROSAFE (Tyre and road surface optimisation for skid
resistance and further effects)
Presented by: Karen Scharnigg
BASt (Federal Highway
Research Institute),
Germany Austrian
Institute of Technology,
Mapping interfacial stress distributions to asphalt
surface digital microtopographies
Presented by: Phillip Millar
University of Ulster, UK
A systems approach to managing skid deficient sites
on a road network Presented by: Glenn Foster
Transfield Services
Ltd, NZ Juno Serviced
Ltd, NZ
Deadly when wet
Presented by: David Axup
David R Axup &
Associates Pty
Ltd, Australia
Climatic considerations
(Romney room) Session chair: Fabian Marsh, Ashghal Public Works
Authority, Qatar
Analysis of temperature influence on skid resistance
results Presented by: Marta Pagola
National University of
Rosario, Argentina
Seasonal Influence of pavement skid resistance
and equipment calibration Presented by: Grant Mackey
Department for Transport,
Energy and Infrastructure,
South Australia, Australia
Influence of Seasonal Temperature on Pavement
Reliability Performance: A CASE Study
Presented by: Gerardo Flintsch
Federal Highway
Administration, USA
Skid resistance effects of common treatments for frost
and ice - mineral grit and CMA
Presented by : Neil Jamieson
Opus International
Consultants, NZ

Partnerships in practice
(MacArthur's Ballroom) Session chair: Gerard Waldron, ARRB Group

Collaboration and partnerships in managing skid resistance
for Queensland Presented by: Justin Weligamage
Queensland Department
of Transport and
Main Roads, Australia
The benefits of a long term partnership approach in the
provision of network skid resistance data
Presented by: Chris Kennedy
WDM Limited, UK
New Zealand
Transport Agency,
Are there opportunities for Public Private Partnerships
(PPP) to deliver more effective road asset management
solutions? Presented by: Jon Lewando
AECOM Consultants, NZ
Auckland Transport, NZ
Austroads developments in skid resistance
Presented by: Kym Neaylon
ARRB Group, Australia

Achieving positive road safety outcomes
(MacArthur's Ballroom) Session chair: Rob McInerney, iRAP

Experience gained in road safety in implementing safer
surfacings Presented by: Robin Dunlop
DRD Consulting, NZ
A quantitative model of road-surface safety
Presented by: Jiangnbi Hu
Beijing University
of Technology,
Breaking the silence about road surfaces and accident
rates Presented by: Ralph Rallings
Personal contribution
not related to
employer, Australia
Future of surface friction?
Presented by: Peter Cairney
ARRB Group, Australia

Summary of the Conference by Chris Kennedy, Director WDM

Did the conference meet its objectives, summary of issues, looking ahead to 2014

Invitation to attend in 2014 in UK and official close

Official thankyou and close by Gerard Waldron, Managing Director, ARRB Group

Conference close
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