Conference Papers

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Monday 2nd May


Keynote Speaker: Dr Robin Dunlop – The imperative of tackling the skid resistance issue.


First Conference Session: The Imperative – Why?


The implementation of a skid policy to provide the required friction demand on the main road network in the United Kingdom.
Ramesh Sinhal, England


There’s a fraction too little friction
Mark Owen, New Zealand


Using friction and texture data to reduce traffic fatalities, serious injuries and traffic delays.
Roger Larson, United States


Linking road traffic accidents with skid resistance – recent UK developments.
Helen Viner, England


The effectiveness of the application of high friction surfacing on crash reduction
Ramiz Iskander, New Zealand


Keynote speaker: Mr Peter Roe – Risk and legal issues


Second Conference Session: The Imperative-Legal Issues


Developments in traffic crash investigation.
Errol Brown, New Zealand


It was the roads fault your honour.
Siobhan Hale, New Zealand


A practitioner’s perspective on legal liability (Paper not on CD)
David Cook, New Zealand


Tips of the trade in raising a legal defence to legal proceedings brought against road authorities where low skid resistance is alleged to be a contributing factor.
Paul Hillier, Australia


Austroads Presentation – An overview of Austroads research


Third Conference Session: The Imperative – Issues of reality


The experience of running a survey contract in Tasmania.
Jan Lang, Australia


Risk assessment and management of an urban network
Michael Haydon, New Zealand


Allocating skid resistance investigatory levels on the basis of risk analysis.
Chris Kennedy, England


Establishment of a curve deficiency classification system in determining a risk management approach for addressing skid resistance on a network level.
Riaan Theron, New Zealand


Are we afraid of the IFI?
John Yeaman, Australia


An overview of the Annual NASA Tyre/Runway Friction Workshop and lessons learned.
Thomas Yager, United States.

Tuesday 3rd May


Keynote Speaker: Dr Chris Kennedy – Technical Issues: Measurement and Highway standards.


Fourth Conference Session: Measurement methods and techniques, Part 1

  Management of skid resistance on a state highway network.
Michael Haydon, New Zealand


Road surface friction measurement testing and accuracy.
Grant Mackey, Australia


Measuring chip seal surface texture with digital imagery
Bryan Pidwerbesky, New Zealand


Validity of skid resistance data collected under Western Australian conditions.
Wesley Soet, Australia


Fourth Conference Session: Measurement methods and techniques, Part 2

  Management of skid resistance under icy conditions
Neil Jamieson, New Zealand


Early and mid life SMA skid resistance
David Woodward, Northern Ireland


Measuring pavement condition data for the establishment of a long term pavement performance study on the New Zealand road network.
Doug Brown, New Zealand


Slippery when DRY? Low dry friction and binder rich road surfaces.
John Bullas, England.

  Keynote Speaker: Mr Thomas Yager – Technical Issues: Correlation and airport standards

Fifth and Sixth Parallel Conference Sessions


Fifth Conference Session: Standardisation


How do you compare? Correlation and calibration of skid resistance and road surface friction measurement devices.
Peter Roe, England


Procedures for correcting for seasonal variation.
John Donbavand, England


Development of a fundamental skid resistance asphalt mix design procedure.
Bevan Sullivan, Australia


Correlation of ground friction measurements to aircraft braking friction calculated from data flight recorders.
Zoltan Rado, United Staes.


Australia’s national friction testing programme.
John Dardano


Development of an alternative test procedure to BS 812 for accelerating polishing of roadstones.
Mohammad Ahadi, Iran


Sixth Conference Session: Crash Analysis


Alleviating the skid resistance problems – the Israeli experience
Raphhael Yaron, Israel


I say Tomayto and you say Tomarto – an appreciation of the collection and use of surface friction data by crash reconstructionists  and asset management engineers.
Paul Hillier, Australia.


Differential Friction – What is primary EuroNCAP showing us?
Fabian Marsh, Australia


Pavement skid-resistance measurements and analysis in the forensic context.
Christopher Marks, New Zealand


The effect of skid resistance and texture on crash risk.
Peter Cenek, New Zealand


Seventh Conference Session: Monitoring and interpretation


An investigation of the skid resistance of stone mastic asphalt laid on a rural English county road network.
James Mitchell, England


Lessons to be learnt from regular monitoring of skid resistance in the Northland region.
Douglas Wilson, New Zealand


The effects of contaminants and rainfall on skid resistance.
Douglas Wilson, New Zealand


Frictional characteristics of roadside grass types.
Peter Cenek, New Zealand


Predicting texture deficiency in pavement management.
Chris Parkman, New Zealand


Analysis of data collected at Australian Friction Workshop (2003).
John Dardano, Australia


Runway friction performance in New Zealand.
Do Van Toan, New Zealand

Wednesday 4th May


Keynote Speaker: Mr Michel Gothie – Solutions: Current Highway Research


Eighth Conference Session: Solutions – Procedures and Materials Part 1


SCRIM and texture survey contract management.
Susan Chamberlain, New Zealand


Sensitivity on in-service skid resistance performance of chipseal surfaces to aggregate and texture characteristics.
Peter Cenek, New Zealand


Skid resistance management on the Auckland State Highway Network.
Terry Boyle, New Zealand


Recent developments to the SCRIM measurement technique in the UK.
Peter Roe, England


Chip Sealing in New Zealand Textbook.
Greg Arnold and Joanna Trowler, New Zealand


Keynote speaker: Mr Arlid Andresen – Solutions: Current Airfield Research


Eighth Conference Session: Solutions – Procedures and Materials Part 2


Ultra high pressure water cutting rejuvenating the microtexture of polished surfacings.
Jeff Walters, New Zealand


Skid resistance and pavement marking materials.
Alistair Harlow, New Zealand


Does Friction and Colour equal safety.
Cliff Parfitt, Australia


OGPA cleaning trial.
Richard Lane, New Zealand


Higher PSV and other aggregate properties.
David Woodward, Northern Ireland


Smaller stone size surface dressings for high stone surface mixes.
David Woodward, Northern Ireland


Skid resistance assessment of chip seal mixtures.
Mansour Fakri, Iran